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Think Tank IV Growth Strategy Implementation Implementing Your Strategy To Grow By Geographic Expansion

Corporate Strategy

Co-Facilitated By: Mark Simoncelli, Global Director, Growth Implementation Solutions, Frost & Sullivan

Samita Khawar, Head of Growth Implementation Solutions, Frost & Sullivan, MENA

We all understand the conventional wisdom of today’s world: the world is flat; boundaries are disappearing; when one market is saturated, another market in all likelihood is clamouring for your product. A wide gap exists between a conceptual understanding of geographic expansion and a tactical understanding of how to build and execute such a strategy. CEOs report their greatest internal challenge to growth is "implementing the growth strategy with the current management team". This interactive workshop will provide a thorough understanding of strategy implementation through structured approach for Geographic Expansion.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Improve your global vision and understanding: Enlarge the scope of geography/countries that you cover and know
  • Increase your level of expertise internally: Generate additional knowledge and new angles of analysis versus what you currently have internally
  • Provide a structured framework transferable to similar/adjacent geographic expansion issues: Expansion in other countries, in other business areas, etc.

Click the link below to download.

Think Tank 4 GIL ME 2013 - Strategy Implementation.pdf