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GenPath Company of the Year Award

Targeted cancer therapies are changing how patients are treated. But there is an unmet need in the pharmaceutical arena.

For cancer patients with non- mutated tumors there is currently not a targeted therapy on the market.

GenPath is a frontrunner in cancer laboratory testing and in the development of targeted therapies. GenPath is a state-of-the-art cancer laboratory that provides more than 99 percent of a cancer patients’ workup in-house. Their OnkoMatch is the culmination of state-of-the-art cancer research and will change the way oncologists treat patients in late stages of cancer or patients with few treatment options. OnkoMatch matches open clinical trials for therapies that target a mutation that was found in the patient’s tumor.

GenPath also provides complete cancer laboratory testing in-house while developing their proprietary and highly differentiated testing. One such example of this is the recently launched OnkoMatch solid tumor profiling test. The OnkoMatch clearly meets an unmet need in lung cancer patients, but also benefits other solid tumor cancers.

The OnkoMatch test provides tremendous value with 68 relevant mutations that includes analysis of the common single mutations EGFR, KRAS, and BRAF. At $995, the OnkoMatch provides a superior price point compared to ordering four individual single mutation tests. In comparison, just EGFR and KRAS tests together can total over $1,000 at other specialized cancer laboratories. GenPath’s commitment to high quality personalized diagnostics, efficiency in the market and competitive pricing will only lead to company to strong future growth.

BioReference Laboratories has already grown 30 percent each year over the last five years and the GenPath business unit has been a direct contributor to this best-in-class performance. Despite its tremendous growth, GenPath still maintains the personalization of a boutique laboratory. Each patient case receives an expert review from a GenPath pathologist that is greatly committed to providing the very best diagnostic report possible.

For this impressive performance, Frost & Sullivan recognizes GenPath Diagnostics of BioReference Laboratories as the 2012 North American Company of the Year in Clinical Diagnostics.