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Mayo Clinic Strategy Leadership Award

Today’s clinical laboratory needs to do more than testing, they need to be equipped to surpass patient’s expectations and differentiate themselves in the market.

The Mayo Clinic is known globally for excellence in patient treatment. Their hospital and patient and physician outreach programs are unrivaled in the healthcare industry.

Mayo Medical Labs is also known for its cutting-edge medical research and commitment to developing tests that will have a positive impact on patient care.

While other hospital laboratories have only begun to think and operate as a for-profit business unit, Mayo Medical labs has been developing a strong position in the market. Mayo Medical Lab’s effective use of competitive intelligence has produced successful programs on hospital outreach, regional distribution, and new product development. Leading to increased market value compared to high volume laboratories in the clinical laboratory space.

While it was not the case for many hospital labs in the United States, 2011 was a growth year for Mayo Medical Labs. Mayo Medical Labs held a strong competitive position by expanding test services nationally, using competitive intelligence, investing in quality clinical research, and leveraging a strong reputation in patient care. In this multifaceted approach, Mayo Medical Labs achieved top-line growth in a year when visits to the doctor dropped by 6 percent. Mayo Medical Labs performs at a level that its strongest competitors strive to achieve.

For these impressive achievements in 2011, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Mayo Medical Labs with the 2012 North American award for Competitive Strategy Leadership in clinical laboratory markets.